What we offer

We can set trading VPS (Virtual private server) at Contabo for you with the same settings as we use. You will have a desktop environment, security, monitoring, and many handfuls of things together with the trading platform (Metatrader 4) of your broker ready. 

We are not VPS providers, we can help you to set up a robust trading VPS

What makes Contabo our selected server provider?
As a team, we decided to go with Contabo from many services because we tried, tested, and use it multiple times, and this one is simply the most complete solution for what we needed as traders and algo developers; yes, top quality and performance for a fair price. 

So, what (exactly) are we going to do for YOU; if you let us assist:
1) You can register at Contabo yourself, order whatever server configuration you need and we will set up the trading environment for you, or we can guide you from the get-go and...
2) We can take you from zero to hero, meaning: we will order the VPS, set up and load all the necessary configurations for your trading needs and give you exclusive access.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Why we offer - our story

As a developing company, we need to test our creations in a live environment, real-time, and real market conditions to have a chance to find and fix any possible issue or to test different settings. This especially applies to EAs (Expert Advisors) or data sending tools. 

We tried a LOT of common services offering VPS, some of them even "Trading VPS" or "VPS for forex" or similarities like these, trying to find suitable solutions for our extensive tests. However, it ends with unsatisfied performance/configuration/price every time. If we were able to find a good solution for our tests, it was too expensive.

We faced all possible problems that you will face at some point or probably do now - performance issues, connectivity, incompatible software versions, price, customer support; you named them. 

Then we just gave up trying to find a commerce solution and started to create our own. We specified all problematic parts and components and changed them or tune them to the best. We removed all unnecessary parts to have as clean an environment as possible, which gave us better performance. Then we found a reliable provider - Contabo, which offers very good VPS configurations for very fair prices. And as the last thing, we start to configure, tune, test everything to make the best possible environment for us.

As a result, we have a Linux-based, secure, desktop trading and testing environment where we can run several simultaneous tests.
Yes, what we use is not standard, but for many reasons, it is better than standard and is cost-effective.

We decided to share our knowledge and save you a lot of hours of trying and testing if you are in a similar situation as we were and want to have a reliable server for trading.