About us

Who we are?

We started as a small team creating tiny improvements for MT4 as scripts enhancing the original functionality of Metatrader. Over time we have worked on more and more demanding projects and our team was growing. Until today, we had done many projects from the smallest scripts to extreme complex EAs connected with own libraries using lot of resources...
Outside MT4 we have also worked on numerous standalone applications related to the financial market, technical and fundamental analysis, market states and many more running under Windows.
However, to respond to the question - we are a team of professional programmers and professional forex market traders.



What we do?

Well, we do what needs to be done... We can build tiny scripts, medium to large indicators, EAs, DLLs, standalone applications or even combination of these maybe with it's own SQL database on the server. We also update and change already existing projects (provided with source code).