Programming services

By "Programming services" we mean full range of Metatrader 4 software products:
• coding (like scripts, indicators, EAs and libraries)
• modifying, updating, adding extra functions to already existing projects (This does not apply for any decompiled file.)

It also includes creating more complex projects and standalone applications (software running in window-mode which may be connected to MT4).

Ordering process

We apologize, but we are not taking any new orders currently as our whole team is working on our own projects and company expanding. Thank you for understanding.

To order our services, follow these few simple steps:

Send us an e-mail with a short description defining what type of software you would like to create and the basic idea (just a few lines, nothing complex in this step). We will contact you back via e-mail to inform you if we have free coders available to start working on your project immediately or if the start time will be delayed a little due to our work load.

In next step you send us full description of what the software will do. That description should contains as much information as possible, you can include images which would help us understand the logic, videos (in this case, please upload it somewhere and include just a link to that video), templates for MT4 or any source that can help to explain the process. If you want an EA, description should contains full details about opening and closing positions, covers special situations (if there are some) and every features and options you want to include in it. You need to describe your trading strategy step by step, technically and shortly.

We will analyse details you send to us. In case of any misunderstanding, we will get back to you for further clarifications, otherwise we will send you an estimated, delivery time and cost.

In the next e-mail you will confirm whether you agree with the cost and delivery time (please bear in mind that in special cases of really complex projects the estimated delivery time might change, as it can be difficult to accurately predict a perfect estimation for some projects). We will send you several payment methods details (PayPal, Skrill, wire transfer). A non-refundable upfront payment of 50% of the agreed price will be paid at this point (the rest will be paid after you test your fully functional software). When we receive your payment our coder will start working on your software immediately, we will provide you with the contact detail of coder who will be working on your project so that you can chat with him directly about progress and/or additional questions.

Our coder will create your software with the agreed functionality. Any changes or functions not described in your description/specifications/requirements, that you want to make might incur additionally charges.

When the software is ready you will receive a beta version. This test-version will allow you to check all functionality of your software. We recommend to put it on demo account for a week (5 trading days) to check if all functions works correctly as was described. This testing period may be longer on more complex projects. Any issues and bugs found during this testing period will be fixed and you will receive new (updated) version of your software.

After the testing period (or when you make sure all functions works properly) you will send us an e-mail confirming your software works as was described. We will then wait for the rest of your payment and as we receive it we will send you the full version of your software with source code. Upon getting the mq4 source code of your software, our business transactions and work with you will be concluded, we have a no refund policy at this point and any new ideas you want for your software will be regarded as a whole new transaction. We aim for perfection and great customer service.